Have you chosen to have an abortion in the past? Perhaps immediately following the procedure, you felt a sigh of relief. “Now, no one has to know what I did,” you think.

But, as time goes by, you feel a twinge of sadness at the sight of children playing, baby showers are difficult, and family members constantly ask when you’ll get married and have children. As you think about your abortion, it’s getting more painful instead of easier.

Providing structured lessons on abortion aftercare and individual consulting is extremely important to us. We assure you, it is possible to heal from the pain of earlier abortion(s). Our recovery groups not only give you a chance to share your story but to hear the experiences of others too.

We’re Safe

We offer safe, non-confrontational consulting sessions. No one is here to judge or lecture you. We want you to have what you need, so you will have experienced hope, healing, and forgiveness when you walk out of Heart to Heart.